Friday, December 3, 2010

Cancer Free!

It's official! The doctor said that mom is CANCER FREE! They took the tissue from around where the tumor was and found nothing! Yay!!! SFC is GONE! Next is an appointment with a radiologist next week. She'll probably undergo radiation for six weeks, but we'll know more next week.  So be excited that SFC is gone!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Chemo is DONE!

Well, Stephanie successfully completed her last chemo treatment! YAY! Her sister, Sharon, came down Friday and is staying until Wednesday to help take care of her during her last bad week. She has been doing fairly well this time, and we've decided that's due to Aunt Sharon being here. When Aunt Sharon's here Steph talks more, moves more, and doesn't simply sit in her chair and feel like crap. She has to go back this coming Wednesday for another Herceptin treatment, and then every 3 weeks after that until June. Those are easy though, and actually give her more energy. In roughly four weeks she'll have a lumpectomy. The surgeon is going to take out some of the tissue and cells that were around the tumor (which is completely gone!) leaving the majority of the breast. With this surgery the chances of another occurrence are between 10-15%. Not bad odds, really. The surgery takes about an hour and a half and is an out patient procedure. A few weeks after surgery she'll then have radiation. The radiation will be aimed at the tumor area and will kill any remaining cancer cells that might be hanging around.

So, overall, almost done!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and mom has been invited to a few different events by one of the nurses at her doctor's office. This Thursday is a Big Band Dance that she and my dad will be attending. She is really excited - bought a new outfit and hat even! She should be feeling pretty good for that, because Thursdays are generally a good day. (She has herceptin on Wednesdays and on Thursday has energy again)

Thank you all for your continued thoughts and prayers. The hard part is over, but we are nowhere near done. The SFC has officially lost though, and now we just need to finish the clean-up process!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Countdown to the end...

Last Wednesday mom went in for her 5th big chemo treatment. We were really worried about how she was going to take it. Each treatment has been worse in regards to her physical reactions. Treatment 4 was particularly bad. My Aunt Sharon (Mom's sister) came into town early Friday afternoon and is staying until Wednesday morning to help mom out. It has been amazing. This week has been the best big chemo week mom has had yet. She has not been nearly as sick, and has actually been up and doing things! (Last time she was basically bed ridden for a few days). We've decided that Aunt Sharon is the key. She already had plans to come for the 6th and final treatment, and no way is she getting out of it now!

After the 6th treatment mom goes back in for some tests and talks to her surgeon again. At this point we're not really positive what the surgeon is going to say, but there is still talk of a full masectomy. Right now the tumor is gone, but the cancer cells are still there. Apparently they were worried about her particular tumor because of its location to the muscle wall behind the breast. If they had done surgery on the tumor at first they would have had to cut into that muscle, which is apparently very bad. So hopefully that situation has been circumvented since the tumor is now completely gone! (YAY!)

Tomorrow she goes in for her herceptin treatment, which means that Thursday will be a good day. Feel free to give her a call on Thursday - early in the morning or early afternoon - to chat! Herceptin treatments tend to giver her a lot of energy and make her feel much better.

We are at the tail end of the chemo the last one is October 13th. Next step is surgery. Not quite sure what happens after that. Mom has said that she's never been so excited for Halloween.

Love to all!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

2 More Left

This past Wednesday Steph went back into the doctor for another big chemo session. (Every three weeks like clockwork) The doctor could not find the tumor! He said that it is completely gone! YAY! That means she has two more chemo sessions, and four weeks after the last chemo she has surgery. Her last chemo is mid October, putting her surgery right before Thanksgiving. We're not sure what happens after that. The doctor hasn't said yet, but regardless the SFC is not winning this battle!


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Half Way Done!!

We have officially reached the half way point! Take a moment. Jump up and down. Be excited, because it is extremely exciting. It feels like last week our lives changed and mom was diagnosed with the SFC. Now we are almost done with it!

When the doctor measured the tumor last week at chemo it measured at 3cm!!! Reminder: We started at 10, miraculously came down to 7, and are now at 3. The doctor was shocked and excited. That's always good. She is going to continue the current course of treatment, which is three more rounds of chemo and then surgery. Even if the tumor is completely gone she will still have surgery to double check and remove some type of thingy they put in there when they did the biopsy.

Mom's friend Kellie came down for the weekend to visit. That was awesome. It's really great to have her friends around. It really helps to boost her spirits. :) Today she has a herceptin treatment, which usually leaves her feeling much more energized and less sick, so hopefully tomorrow she'll be feeling better.

Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers! Keep them coming!


Thursday, July 22, 2010

2nd Chemo

Yesterday was mom's second big chemo. She had to be in by 9am and got home roughly around 3pm. It makes for a long day! Everything went really well. The doctor measures the tumor every big chemo (which is every 3 weeks) and the first time it was 10 centimeters. This time it was 7.5! YAY! That means the chemo is working and the SFC is LOSING! Today she was still feeling good. She's reading again (there was a period of a few weeks where she wasn't reading much anymore. Couldn't focus.) so that is good too. Overall this SFC is getting taken care of slowly but surely!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hair no More!

Well...we did it...we cut off the hair! Matthew brought over his clippers and shaved off mom's hair! She looks really good with super short hair! No major bumps or weird shapes in her skull, so that's good. She played with a wig that she got for free from the American Cancer Society yesterday. It's really nice, and looks just like her old hair. You can't even tell it's a wig once she gets it on. She also has a selection of hats and bandannas. Since it is beyond hot here right now the wig will not be going on her head any time soon, but she has it if she wants to wear it. She went to JcPenney today with her coach baseball hat on. Even in the midst of chemo, my mom is stylish! There were a few tears for the lost hair, but we made it through and know that this is simply another step to feeling better.

The last picture of her hair!

Matthew was terrified to start. He was scared of touching her head, and of my dad I think! Haha. Mom was sitting there waiting and waiting for him to start. I finally had to tell her he was scared. He got over it though!
Above: Matthew finishing up mom's trim.
Above: Mom's new hair!!!
Below: Playing with scarves
Last's new wig! We wanted to get one that was different, but it is really hard to pick out a wig. We finally decided that long is just too hot in TN in summer and this one looks like 'her'.

On a funny of the side effects of chemo is what they call "chemo brain". Basically it makes you stupid. It makes you forget what you were saying, doing, get the idea. She used to blame it on old age, and now can blame it on chemo brain. ~Kira